World-class customer service

Our concern is to make your events successful, safe and enjoyable for everyone. There are literally hundreds of aspects to an event that need to be monitored carefully from how we handle crowds and queues, to parking and transport, ticketing, food and drink and VIP protection.

Based in Auckland and Christchurch, we work across a large number of key sporting and entertainment venues delivering our clients the best experience for their patrons.



We recognize that the fan experience is key to the success of your event. The safety, enjoyment and customer service that fans experience ultimately reflects on the event organised. We want to do a great job to help you achieve a fantastic experience for your patrons.

The P4G fan experience is:

  • Enjoyable

  • Safe

  • Friendly

  • Informative

  • Professional

  • Passionate

Everything from selling, scanning and resolving ticket problems demands courteous attention

Ticketing Services

  • Ticket Selling

  • Ticket Rip/ Scanning

  • Ticket Issue Resolution

We need to make people feel well-looked after, respected, informed and politely routed

Customer Services

  • Ushering

  • Queue Management

  • Spectator Services

  • Public Information

  • Crowd assistance

  • Way finding

Important part of most events, VIPs need to be properly greeted, have IDs properly vetted and be wined and dined in comfort

Corporate Hosting

  • Corporate Hosts

  • Meet and Greet

  • Liquor License Wardens

  • Identification and accreditation Checks

Safe and in the right way. From initial planning, site visits, risk assessment, liaison with all stakeholders, to effective safe management of the event. Platform 4 Group will work with you to an agreed budget providing peace of mind security that is effective, economical and efficient.

  • Security Planning

  • Operational Plans

  • Risk Assessments

  • Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

A major concern at most events, where a large number of people arrive in a short space of time into one area. Combining parking areas and routing pedestrians is just one of the challenges

Transport Operations

  • Public Transport Hubs

  • Level 1 Traffic Controllers

  • Public Road Closures

  • Traffic Marshals

  • Car parking Management

We always prepare for the unexpected in our role and are fully staff with trained wardens, CIMS staff and specialists in emergency and evacuation procedures.

Emergency Management

  • CIMS trained staff

  • Emergency Safety Officers

  • Area Wardens

  • Safety Wardens

  • Staff trained in emergency and evacuation procedures

Our policy here is to take the right precautions in the first place, carrying our extensive safety and hazard checks. We also have a robust incident reporting process and fully qualified H&S procedure officers.

Health & Safety

  • Fully trained staff in Health and Safety procedures

  • Incident reporting

  • Safety and Hazard checks

Investigating the operational logic of the event, planning for alcohol use, assessing risks and making policies for protection.

Risk Planning

  • Operation Plans

  • Alcohol Management Plans

  • Risk Planning

  • Security Plans

Ensuring that there are enough properly qualified staff for the event, available on the dates required.


  • Registered Training Workplace provider

  • NZQA training

  • Readiness Exercises

  • In-house training

We need to make people feel well-looked after, respected, informed and politely routed.

Spectator Services

  • Ushering

  • Queue Management

  • Customer Services

  • Public Information

  • Crowd Control

Master planning, project implementation, event communication plans, risk planning, readiness checking, delivering the security services and evaluating success.

Major Events Management

  • Integrated strategic framework planning

  • Security master planning

  • Project implementing

  • Command Control Communication

  • Risk Planning

  • Readiness Exercises

  • Delivery and close out