Parnell Night-time Security Initiative

Commencing Sept 1st , 2019, the Parnell Business Association (PBA) and Platform 4 Group Limited (P4G) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the purpose of developing a dedicated night time Security Patrol Service, operating 7 nights per week.

Currently, the PBA is paying for random patrols during the night. However, the objective is to build the capacity of the night-time hours to justify a dedicated vehicle in Parnell for most of the night-time hours. This can only be achieved with the participation of private businesses and or landowners.


Once in place, this service will be able to deliver to Parnell Precinct and signed up Business Operators;

  • A proactive and highly visible Patrol Service tasked with deterring criminal and anti- social behaviour.

  • A very fast service, responding to calls for assistance and alarm activations from within the immediate area.

  • Provide Parnell Business Operators a superior alternative to the current industry standard.

  • Peace of mind knowing that there is a Security Patrol vehicle on Patrol every night looking after the Parnell Precinct and your premises (if signed up).


Parnell is not immune to burglary and anti-social behaviour, with medium to high security breaches over the years having been recorded. It’s fair to say, the security industry seldom performs to any level of acceptable response time. It is for this very reason the Parnell Security Initiative is being rolled out.

Response times in neighbouring Business Precincts with similar services are as low as 4-6 minutes and this makes sense when you consider how long it will take to drive from one end of Parnell to another, this is the power of a dedicated night- time Patrol service.

P4G Services Offered to Parnell Businesses:

  • Alarm monitoring and Alarm Response

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Static Guards

  • Alarm, Access Control and CCTV Sales & Service

  • Event Guards


Please Note: Chorus and Spark have indicated a complete move away from terrestrial copper telephone lines. This effects Alarm Systems connected to standard networks; we are happy to discuss IP or GPRS monitoring options with you. To take advantage of this service, Business Owners are encouraged to meet with P4G to review your security service, be it Alarm Monitoring & Response or Mobile Patrols or both. A written quote will be provided once a site visit is completed.


To discuss this further,

contact Alan Young on 021 822 222,