Summer Security Tips for your House and Business

Keep your home and business secure while you take a well-earned break.

The busy season is now firmly upon us, and unfortunately that is no different for those who make a living off stealing from you – This is prime time for them as most businesses shut down for the holidays, and home-owners take a family vacation leaving their property potentially at risk.

We recommend some steps to help avoid your home or business being an easy target, and some tips to avoid additional security costs for your business too – read on!

For the home:

  • Got great neighbours ? – Have them park their car in your driveway to give the impression someone is home, and clear your letterbox.
  • Ensure junk-mail is being cleared from your letterbox – If family or friends or neighbours can’t do this, we can.
  • Many electronic retailers now stock Internet cameras for home, these are a great way to keep an eye on what’s going on at home when movement is detected and are relatively cheap and easy to set up. You can always call us if you need something checked out that may be of concern.
  • Leave shoes, gumboots out at the front and back door, old clothes on the line etc.
  • Is your alarm working well ? When was the last time it was ever serviced ? Most homeowners don’t realise there are back-up batteries in case of power cuts in the alarm panel and often in the outside siren too – These do need replacing eventually ! Call your alarm installer for a service before you head away for peace of mind.
  • Is your alarm monitored ? No point having an alarm blaring away if no-one is going to do anything about it ! – Call us today for monitoring and response options.
  • Got sliding windows or ranch-sliders ? Notoriously insecure to someone who knows how to get past these – Go to the hardware store for dead-bolts which are pretty simple to install, or even a measured cut length of wood laid between the sliding portion and the frame will help if nothing else.
  • Sensor lights, night lights – All help give the impression the house is not empty.


For your business:

  • Has your monitoring company been updated with current staff contact numbers, of who to call in an emergency if you or other staff are away ? Much vital time can be wasted by calling and calling old phone numbers, or trying to reach someone who is on the beach when the alarm activates. Best solution: just authorise them to dispatch us immediately to take care of it all for you and remove that hassle or worry. Time is of the essence.
  • Is there good lighting on movement sensors or timers around your premises ?
  • Do we hold keys for your premises, or can we get around the exterior ok ? If not, we may not be able to fully ensure your premises are secured should we be called there.
  • Is stock or plant away from the fenceline, so it doesn’t become an easy ‘ladder’ over your fence ?
  • Are keys removed and locked away safely for any company vehicles, or machinery left on site (fork hoists, diggers, etc ) ? Don’t give the burglars an easy escape option.
  • Random patrol checks, are a very good deterrent for criminal behaviour – They never know next when P4G may suddenly show up, so its just easier to pick on someplace else.

Patrols are also a good way to keep an eye on business continuity risks like water leaks, unnecessary lights left on, fenceline holes cut, machinery or plant vandalism, power cuts etc – Call us now for options and pricing.

Another key tip to save avoidable costs for security guard callouts, is to ensure that any staff who may be planning to come into work causally over the holidays, know what your procedure is for ringing your monitoring company out of hours – because if they don’t, we may be despatched unnecessarily only to find staff onsite and all is ok. Generally, your monitoring company will call your main office number if they are trying to reach someone at the site, and if that goes to an afterhours answerphone, again we could end up wasting time and money responding for nothing.

Update your details TODAY.

We at P4G would like to thank our valued customers and partners for their continued support during 2016, and we are excited at what 2017 will bring – We have big plans. But we can’t do much without the efforts of our #1 Asset – Our people – Team P4G work tirelessly all year to ensure our customers are safe and sound, and for this we say a BIG THANKS to the team, and we all look forward to another year of growth and excitement ‘out there doing it.’

Platform4 Group provides Mobile Patrol’s and Alarm Response services across Auckland for a huge range of customers from high profile corporates, the construction sector, Government and householders and general business.

Please stay safe over the holidays, and remember we are only a phone call away from solving your security concerns.