False Alarm! How to Minimise Callouts

A number of our clients contact us for specific reasons – To solve a current security issue, prevent a security issue, or have us look after their own clients for them.

Platform4 Group provide Mobile Patrol’s and Alarm Response services across Auckland for a huge range of customers from high profile corporates, the construction sector, Government and householders and general business…

New customers always ask, what makes P4G any different to XYZ Security ?

That’s easy – Its our Customer Services focus and our people that drive that message.

An example of this approach is the fact we’re not in the business to benefit from attending unnecessary alarm callouts. Lets be honest, those are a ‘pain’ for everyone, a patrolman having to drop everything to respond through Auckland’s growing Traffic problems, and an avoidable cost to you as the consumer – Only to find that the cause of the alarm was 9 times out of 10 ‘staff on site’, or the cat being left inside a home for instance.

P4G do all we can to reduce the amount of false-alarms by working with other service providers such as alarm monitoring companies and technicians, to reduce or eliminate the cost of sending a guard unnecessarily, via providing honest feedback and suggesting improvements to our customers.

Some tips to help you immediately reduce these costs are:

  1. Householders – Cats are masters at knowing your pattern of leaving home in the morning, and can make themselves scarce in the process, only to emerge later in the day and set off your alarm. If you haven’t got them already, there are several quality brands of ‘PIR’ (Passive Infra-Red) detectors that can be programmed to make your home ‘Cat proof’ – meaning puss-puss can roam around undetected, but humans remain the target species – Contact us or your alarm installer for suggestions and a quote to upgrade – They’ll pay for themselves in the long run.
  2. Update your contacts list with your alarm monitoring company today – Have you or someone on your list changed cell phone numbers lately ? Monitoring companies often end up calling old numbers and ex-employees or family members that have moved, while trying to track down someone when an alarm is activated. When they cant, we get dispatched.
  3. Accidentally triggered an alarm at home or work ? – Unset the alarm as soon as you can, and depending on the site instructions, you can expect an immediate phone call to your building by the monitoring company, looking to verify who you are and what has happened – So please get to the main phone asap.

Or, you pro-actively call them and do the same – This will save us from being despatched only to find you onsite – whilst its nice to meet you, im sure you could avoid the cost of that meeting J